Aspects that should be included in employment contract

Employment contract is an agreement between the employer and the employee and is legally binding.

Aspects that should be included in an employment contract

 Personal details of the employee.
 Details of the business/employer e.g. name/address, etc.
 Job title/Position
 Job description e.g. duties/ working conditions
 Job specification e.g. formal qualifications/willingness to travel.
 Date of employment/commencement of employment.
 Place where employee will spend most of his/her working time.
 Hours of work, e.g. normal time/overtime.
 Remuneration, e.g. weekly or monthly pay.
 Benefits/Fringe benefits/Perks/Allowances.
 Leave, e.g. sick/maternity/annual/adoption leave.
 Employee deductions (compulsory/non-compulsory).
 Period of contract/Details of termination.
 Probation period.
 Signatures of both the employer and employee

List of documents that form part of the contract, e.g. appointment letter/code of conduct/ethics.
 Disciplinary policy, e.g. rules and disciplinary procedure for unacceptable behaviou