Month: November 2021

Doha amendment to Kyoto protocol

1) The Kyoto Protocol signed in 1997, is an international treaty that commits state parties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 2) Under the Kyoto Protocol, industrialized nations agreed to cut their greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels. 3) It is operational since 2005. 4) A group of rich and industrialized countries were assigned emission reduction …

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Advantages and disadvantages of orthophoto maps

orthophot were first made from many vertical aerial photograph that partly covered one another. this was done to create scale correct images. orthophoto maps are created by adding map information to the orthophotos an orthophoto map is the combination of map and a photograph. it has a large scale (1:10,000) than the topographical map, so …

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What is mayor disease

1) Mayaro virus disease is zoonotic pathogen endemic to certain humid forests of tropical South America. 2) It is considered as distant relative of Chikungunya and spread by¬†Aedes Mosquitoes. 3) It is characterized by fever, aches and pains and a rash. 4) It recently had its appearance in Haiti and it was given the title …

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What is Primary data?

Primary data are Data obtained for the first time and used specifically for the particular problem or issue being studied. First hand information collected from fieldwork, observations, questionnaires, surveys, etc., or collected directly from source.

Remote sensing: Types, advantages and disadvantages

Meaning of remote sensing Remote sensing is the Collection of data by a recording device that is not in direct contact with the area. Examples: Satellites, aircraft, drones, and aerial photographs types of remote sensing active remote sensing – this involves sending radiation out and then measuring the radiation that the earth is sending back …

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