Problems Facing Horticultural Farming in Kenya

Problems Facing Horticultural Farming in Kenya

  • Pests and diseases lower crop yields e.g. aphids, nematodes, birds, worms, rodents (pests); blight, black rot, bacterial wilt
  • Inefficient marketing system that lacks proper organization lead to rotting of produce
  • Stiff competition on the international market by other horticultural producers (Israel, Netherlands).
  • Price fluctuations due to overproduction results to marginal profits.
  • Climatic hazards (frost, hailstones, prolonged drought) that destroy the produce in the farms.
  • High freight charges and production costs that lead to marginal profits (due to hiked costs of farm inputs and airfares).
  • Seasonal floods that make the feeder roads impassable during the rainy season limits accessibility between the farms and collecting centres/leads to delay in delivery of the products.
  • Inadequate refrigeration facilities may lead to reduction in quality of highly perishable produce.

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