Advantages and disadvantages of energy produced from natural gas

Advantages and disadvantages of energy produced from natural gas

Natural gas occurs in association with petroleum i.e. normally found on top of upper layers of Crude Oil.

Composed of a mixture of hydrocarbons with methane making the highest percentage

Mainly used for domestic purposes, generating thermal electricity and for industrial activities

Advantages of energy from natural gas

Disadvantages of energy from natural gas

  • Accidental fires may occur due to gas leakage/damaged pipes.
  • Pollution of environment through gas leaks.
  • Expensive for low income earners

Problems of Energy Development in Kenya

  • Inadequate capital which causes the country to seek external borrowing of money which is paid for many years overburdening the country.
  • Small market for power because of the high cost of connection which prevents its horizontal spread
  • Seasonal fluctuation of water levels in dams due to low rainfall on catchment areas and some rivers flowing through dry areas where much of water is lost through evaporation which leads to inconvenience to consumers because of power rationing.
  • Regular siltation of dams due to deposition of soil which requires regular dredging which is quite expensive.
  • Location of some power generation plants in remote areas making it expensive to transport power for long distances.

  • There is limited spread of solar power in rural areas because the equipment is expensive to install and lack of acceptance because it fluctuates with seasons.
  • There is lack of acceptance of wind power and many people use diesel to pump water instead of it.
  • There is problem of overexploitation of wood fuel as a result of population increasing at a faster rate which has led to deforestation leading to soil erosion and reduced amounts of rainfall as a result of the effect on water cycle.


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