The major aims for construction OF SUEZ CANAL

grand canal and old cathedral in venice

SUEZ CANAL also known as the Mediterranean or Asiatic route as it links the far east which is Asia with Europe. The canal was opened in 1869 having been funded by Great Britain and Egypt.

The major aims for its construction were:

  • To create a life line for Britain through transportation of her manufactured products to the far east.
  • To cheaply transport the raw materials from its colonies of Britain including those of far east Africa as well as far east.
  • To bring about effective control and administration of British colonies found in East Africa and the far east.
  • To shorten the distance that was once covered around the cape of good hope from North America and North of Europe to the far east.

  • The Suez canal is 163 kilometers long ten meters deep and between 60-65 meters wide