11 Effects of floods and how to mitigate them

11 Effects of floods and how to mitigate them

Ways in which floods affect people.

  • People are displaced.
  • Disrupts transport and communication system.
  • Causes soil water logging which lowers crop production.
  • Leads to loss of property and lives.
  • Creates stagnant water in which disease causing micro-organisms breed e.g. Mosquitoes, Bilharzia snails.
  • Floods disrupt farmers calendar/wash away crops/leads to food shortages.

Methods through which floods can be controlled.

  • Construction of dams to check the velocity and volume of rivers downstream.
  • Construction of dykes which restrict the outflow of rivers / raised river
  • Embankments.
  • Construct diversion channels to realign meanders and restrict flow of river / drain flooded areas.
  • Planting of vegetation / forests in the river catchment areas to Reduce the surface run-off and increase seepage.

  • – Clearing of drainage systems / dredging / deepening and widening to facilitate Easy flow of water.

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