Comparison between Horticulture Farming in Kenya and the Netherlands


  • Greenhouse technology is applied in the both the countries
  • Similar vegetables and flowers are grown in both the countries
  • Horticultural products are export market oriented in both the countries
  • In both countries there is use of green houses on the horticultural land


  • Horticultural farmers in the Netherlands are highly skilled due to long history while in Kenya the farmers are less skilled due to short history
  • In the Netherlands, there is higher local demand for horticultural products due to higher incomes of the locals/citizens while in Kenya there is lower local demand for horticultural products due to lower incomes of many citizens
  • Netherlands is centrally located in Europe thus has a wider foreign market within easy reach while in Kenya, freight charges limit access to European market
  • In the Netherlands the scale of production is large while in Kenya small scale
  • Netherlands unlike Kenya has well developed means of transport which enhances fast movement of horticultural products.
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