advantages and disadvantages of geothermal power

brown and gray mountain
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geothermal power the power generated by the flow of heat from the crust/core of the earth through geysers where superheated steam is continuously being emitted from enclosed cavities

The highest heat flows are found in areas characteristic of volcanic activity

The power is harnessed through drilling and can be tapped to generate electricity


  • Cheaper compared to other sources of energy.
  • Its generation is continuous because it is naturally occurring.
  • Cost of operating a geothermal plant is relatively low compared to a HEP station


  • Pollution through noise.
  • Not available in many areas/available in areas with geysers/hot springs.
  • Exploration of geothermal energy requires advanced technology especially in areas without visible signs e.g. hot springs/geysers.
  • Energy production from hot springs is low to meet the energy needs.
  • Gases released together with the steam may be harmful to the environment and lead to global warming
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