What is a map?

The map is a scaled representation of the earth’s surface or part of the earth’s surface on the flat surface

Types of maps

There are two types of map

topographical map and statistical map

topographical map

this is a type of map drawn to show both natural and artificial features.

Examples of natural features are hills, mountains, valleys, and rivers

Examples of artificial features are roads, railways, and buildings

Statistical or distribution map

This is a type of map that is drawn to show the distribution of data or information.

For example, the map of California shows the distribution of people

According to Scale size;

1)     Large scale maps

Are those maps drawn to large scale size e.g. 1:10000

These maps gives a larger representation of small area, they are also more detailed (shows a lot of information). They represent areas like cities, towns and villages.

2)     Medium scale maps

Are those maps drawn to medium scale size e.g. 1:100000

They show a moderate amount of details. They represent areas like districts, regions and countries.

3)     Small scale maps

Are those maps drawn to small scale size e.g. 1:1000000

They give a small presentation of a large area; they show little content (little information) They represent areas like continents and the world.


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