What is map reading and interpretation?

Map reading and interpreatation is essential part of our daily life because at one point in your life you will need a map to give you direction in the new city or help you to locate a restaurant or bus stations.

By definition map reading and interpreation is the ability to understanding symbols and signs in the map and derive the important information such as settlement distribution and type of vegetation from the map. It is the ability to see the information which the map maker wanted you to see and use it to solve various problems using the information.

Map reading and interpretation is old skills which have been around for hundred of years and has helped the navigators and explorers to explore the furtherest parts of the world and to find important informations throughout the human history.

Map reading and interpreation is very important especially for tourists visiting new destinations and people wishing to explore new cities and towns. Nowdays you can use apps such as google maps to explores the world but it may be less usefull if you lack the skills to lead and interpret the map.

map reading and interpretation skills can be acquired through studying geography and through expoloring various website in the internet. on of the website which share various content related to map reading and interpretation is https://geographypoint.com

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