Comparison between Wheat Farming in Kenya and Canada


  • Mechanization is done in both the countries – sowing and harvesting
  • It is done on a large scale in both the countries
  • In both countries wheat is grown in areas with gentle sloping.
  • Wheat farming is favoured by a dry sunny spell for harvesting in both countries.
  • Problems experienced in both countries are the same.


  • In Kenya, wheat farming is less mechanized while in Canada it is less mechanized
  • In Kenya, wheat farming is mainly for local consumption while in Canada wheat farming is done mainly for export
  • In Kenya, wheat farmers do mixed farming alongside wheat production whereas in Canada, the farmers are specialized in wheat farming.
  • There is more government support towards wheat farming in Canada through incentives and subsidies while in Kenya these are lacking.

  • There are more extensive tracts of land suitable for wheat farming in Canada than in Kenya.
  • Wheat farming in Canada benefits from more advanced scientific research which is not available in Kenya.