6 Conditions favouring wheat growing in Kenya

brown wheat in close up photography

Wheat was introduced in Kenya by Lord Delamere around Nakuru.

Main wheat Growing Areas in Kenya

a) Uasin Gishu District
b) Nakuru
c) Narok
d) Laikipia
e) Trans Nzoia
f) Nyandarua
g) Timau
h) Mweiga in Nyeri

Conditions favouring wheat growing in Kenya

  • An open rolling topography provides adequate drainage and facilitates the use of machinery.
  • Moderate to high rainfall ranging between 500mm – 1270mm during the growing period
  • Warm temperatures of 150C – 200C for at least three months to enable the maturity of wheat
  • Warm and dry sunny period to enhance ripening and harvesting of wheat

  • Deep and fertile well-drained volcanic soils
  • High altitude areas ranging between 1500 – 2900m above the sea level to reduce incidences of pests and diseases
  • Adequate labour for planting, weeding, application of fertilizers etc.
  • Availability of transport facilities such as lorries and tractors to transport grains from the fields to the store and then to buying centres.