5 Significance of Beef Farming in Argentina

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beef farming refers to the rearing of cattle for meat products.

Argentina is the country found on the South American continent and is famous for cattle rearing which produces both dairy products and beef

Significance of Beef Farming in Argentina

  • It has led to the growth and development of towns e.g. Bahia, Blanca and Rosario. beef farming creates employment and lead to increase of income to the people residing in the areas practising beef farming this in turn lead to increased settlement and population hance leads to growth of towns and cities
  • Creation of employment opportunities as managers in the beef farms, and other beef related industries. a lot of people are needed to manage beef cattle farms these include accountants, drivers and farm workers therefore beef farming has led to the creation of employments to argentinian
  • It has promoted industrialization through development of beef related industries such as canning.
  • It has earned Argentina foreign exchange through export to Europe and Middle East. when argentina exports beef and other related products to both south america and european countries they earn foreign exchange which are crucial for buying machines and other products from the international market
  • Improvement of infrastructure through establishment of roads and railways that link the farms and processing/packing plants. operation of beef cattle farms need good infrastructure such as roads and railways for transporting food and other inputs to the farms and exporting beef and related products to both domestic and international market
Significance of Beef Farming in Argentina
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