Significance of industrialization in Kenya

the following are Significance of industrialization in Kenya

  • Employment opportunities/source of income/improvement of living standards

  • Development of infrastructure e.g. roads, power and water supplies for transport of raw materials to the industries and finished products from the industries to the markets
  • Source of foreign revenue/exchange through exportation of finished products
  • Improvement of balance of trade by increasing the value of exports
  • Urbanisation:
  • creation of urban centres/settlements with improved provision of social amenities
  • Utilisation of natural resources e.g. minerals/forest products thus reducing overdependence on imported raw materials
  • International relations allows interaction between various nations as they trade in raw materials and finished industrial products thus fostering good relations among the trading partners
  • Enhancement of agricultural production: – since most industries rely on agricultural produce as raw materials, this will ensure their continuous supply
  • – Trade unions and cooperatives: – establishment of industries has led to formation of trade unions/cooperatives to protect the workers’ welfare/demand for better salaries/work conditions
  • Presence of goods: – industrial development makes it possible to produce goods that are on demand in the country thus reducing importation/overdependence on imported goods

  • Economic diversification reduces overdependence on agriculture as an economic activity/major source of income