Process of polderization in the Netherlands

Process of polderization in the Netherlands.

  • Construction of ring dykes separating the polders from the rest of water body/sea.
  • Construction of ring canals used for draining water pumped out of the polders.
  • Erection of a water pump/windmill for pumping water out of the polder
  • Water is pumped out into the canals
  • Land is allowed to dry
  • Soil is desalinized by flushing with fresh water or planting hardy plants
  • Deep ploughing to mix the soil with leached nutrients, addition of fertilizers
  • Dividing the land into economic units
  • Infrastructure (roads, electricity, and piped water) is laid out
  • Establishment of social amenities
  • People are settled
  • Introduction of crops starting with the hardy crops (barey, oat)

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