Problems of industrialization and their possible solutions

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the following Problems of industrialization and their possible solutions

1. Establishment of more industries requires more land to be set aside for industrial activities. This reduces the land for agriculture, human settlements
Solution: – decentralization of industries

2. Production of industrial waste has led to the pollution of land, air and water as the industries dispose their wastes into the environment
Solution: – strict legislation against dumping industrial wastes

3. Rural-urban migration: – increase in the number of industries encourages much youth to move to urban centers in search of employment opportunities. This leads to congestion of urban areas and a strain on available social amenities and increases in criminal activities, development of slum dwelling etc
Solution: – establishing industries in rural areas/improving provision of social amenities in the rural areas

4. Concentration of infrastructure and services in the industrial center has caused an imbalance in economic development.
Solution: – Decentralization of industries

5. Depletion of natural resources: – as more industries are established the demand for raw materials also increases thus increasing the use of natural resources e.g. minerals, forests, water etc
Solution: – encouraging sustainable use of natural resources

6. Neglect of agriculture: – industrialization attracts youth to move into urban areas in search of employment away from the rural areas. This affects food production as old people are left to work on the farms. People may also neglect food crop production at the expense of cash crops
that fetch more price
Solution: – making agriculture more attractive through offering better prices for the agricultural produce

7. Causes unemployment: – industrialization leads to new innovations/technologies leading to the replacement of human power. Examples include computers, robots, electric trains, fork lifts, conveyors have replaced physical manpower. This reduces employment opportunities
Solution: – people are being encouraged to become self-employed also Industries are encouraged to stop staff layoffs

8. Displacement of people: – an industrial plant being established in a densely populated area may force the inhabitants of such an area to move and resettle elsewhere, this changes their social lifestyles.
Solution: – industries should be located in sparsely populated areas

9. Extradition of profits: – most industries established in Kenya are foreign owned and these send back profits to their origin countries leaving little money for local use
Solution: – increasing local shareholding in multinational industries also Locals should be encouraged to establish in the country