Importance of the Jua Kali sector in Kenya

Importance of the Jua Kali sector in Kenya

jua kali sector refers to the informal sector in Kenya comprising of informal traders and artisans, who often work out by the roadside.

here are importance of juakali sector in Kenya

Creates employment opportunities

many youths with both formal and informal education engage in various activities of making equipment and items for Kenyans hence they get income to sustain their life

Successfully uses materials that would otherwise be disposed of.

The Juakali sector uses raw materials such as plastic wastes, worn-out tires, and iron sheets to produce various types of equipment like stoves and furniture.

many of the raw materials used by the Juakali sector would be useless without them

Saves the country foreign revenue as they reduce the imports

Jua kali youth employ themselves in producing items and equipment which would otherwise be imported. for example, jua kali have been making shoes and other leather products hence reducing the demand for importing the products

Earns the country foreign exchange as some are exported to COMESA countries

some items and equipment made by Juakali are exported to neighboring countries such as Tanzania and Uganda and therefore the sector is responsible for the inflow of foreign currencies to the country

Produces cheaper goods compared to those produced by formal industries.

due to the use of locally manufactured raw materials and the low cost of labor, products produced by the Juakali sector are way cheaper compared to those produced in the formal sector

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