Comparison between tourism in Kenya and Switzerland

man and woman sitting on hanging chair by a tree

Similarities of tourism sector between kenya and switzerland

  • Both have many hotels and lodges in major urban centres and cities within the tourists’ attractions for accommodation of tourists.

  • Both have snow capped mountain peaks with permanent glaciers that are popular with tourists.
  • Both experience political stability and relative peace that promote tourism.
  • Both have many waterfalls (Switzerland – associated with hanging valleys, In Kenya along the major river courses) that attract tourists.
  • Package tours are encouraged and organised in both the countries to make travel and accommodation fairly cheaper for the tourists.
  • Both have national parks with a variety of plants and animals in their natural settings.
  • Both countries embrace domestic, international and ecotourism.
  • Both countries have health spas with mineral water which people consider to cure certain ailments. In Switzerland they are at Mt. Moritz and in Kenya at L. Bogoria
  • In both countries tourists visit all year round.
  • In both counties tourism sector earns a significant fraction of foreign exchange

Comparison between tourism in Kenya and Switzerland

Differences of tourism sector between kenya and switzerland

  • The Switzerland receives more tourists thus earn more revenue compared to Kenya.
  • Kenya has a variety of scenery and landscape with physical features e.g. the Rift Valley, lakes, mountains, lakes, plains and rivers while in Switzerland, the Alps is the main physical feature that attracts tourists.
  • Kenya’s only snow-capped mountain (Mt. Kenya) is too high and steep thus less suitable for mountain sports while the Swiss has large and smooth slopes covered with snow during winter for such sports.
  • Kenya has a sea front with warm waters for sun/sand bathing, swimming, surfing and yachting whereas Switzerland is landlocked – lacks a sea front/has no access to beaches and associated sports.
  • In Switzerland domestic tourism is more pronounced than in Kenya due to high levels of income.
  • In Kenya animals are kept in game parks while in Switzerland they are kept in zoos
  • Switzerland has winter sports such as skiing and ice-skating which Kenya lacks.

  • Kenya is richer in traditional culture than Switzerland due to its many ethnic groups.
  • Kenya has tropical wildlife such as the elephant, cheetah, lion etc. which
  • Switzerland lacks
  • Kenya‟s climate is warm throughout the year while Switzerland experiences warm summers and cold winters.
  • Kenya has more physical features which attract tourists than Switzerland e.g. Rift valley, lakes, mountains