advantages and disadvantages of petrol and diesel as source of energy

white and black gas pumps

Is a fossil fuel that consists of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons from animal and vegetation matter laid down in sedimentary rocks

Used in agriculture, cooking, lighting, and heating

When refined several bi-products are realized e.g. petrol, diesel, paraffin, bitumen, liquified gas, and lubricants

Petrol and diesel are used to fuel vehicles and machinery

Advantages of fossil fuel

  • Occurs in great abundance as new oil deposits are being disocvered daily.
  • Has wide range of domestic and industrial uses.
  • Can be used to generate other sources of energy e.g. thermal electricity.
  • Can be transported by tankers/pipelines and stores for future use

Disadvantages of petrol and diesel

  • Crude oil is bulky.
  • Dangerous because highly inflammable.
  • Burning of petroleum pollutes the environment/leads to global warming.
  • Petroleum is relatively expensive/not affordable to many.
  • Prospecting of petroleum is expensive