Month: July 2021

What is vanadium dioxide (VO2)

Vanadium dioxide (VO2) is a metal with ability to switch from insulator to conductive metal at the temperature of 67 °C. Researchers now found that this metal would conduct electricity without conducting heat. It contradicts the working of all other conductors which usually conducts heat when it conducts electricity i.e against the Wiedemann-Franz Law. The law …

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changes that Occur in a flower after fertilization

Changes that Occur in a flower after fertilization petals, stamen, calyx and style wither ovary wall changes into pericarp intergument changes into seed coat/testa zygote changes into embryo (by mitosis) primary endosperm nucleus changes into endosperm whole ovule changes into seed ovary develops and grows into fruit(under the influence of gibberrellic hormone)

economic importance of insects

Beneficial effects food supply important in food chains pollinators biological control of pests and other organisms aesthetic value contribute to decomposition e.g. litter feeders like beetles Harmful effects pests vectors dirt and disease carriers injurious e.g. stings and bites

What is INSAT-3DR

INSAT-3DR similar to INSAT-3D, is an advanced meteorological satellite of India launched by GSLV-F05. INSAT-3DR will provide service continuity to earlier meteorological missions of ISRO for Earth observation. The main application of this satellite includes Climate & Environment observation and Disaster Management as well as search and rescue services and configured with an imaging System …

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World wetland day

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on February 2 to mark the Day of adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in the Iranian City of Ramsar in 1971. They help stabilize water supplies, cleanse polluted waters, protect shorelines, recharge groundwater aquifers, contain extensive food chain and biological diversity, help mitigate natural disasters and have special attributes …

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What is Ekuverin

It is the joint military exercise conducted between India and Maldives. It is being conducted every year alternatively in India and Maldives. The latest exercise was conducted in Maldives in Dec 2016. The Objectives are to enhance defence cooperation and interoperability between the army of both countries with emphasis on Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorist …

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