3 Conditions Favouring Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion is the displacement of the upper layer 0f the soil ; it is form of soil degradation.

Agents of soil erosion are water, glacier and wind.

Causes of soil erosion are human activities and geomorphic processes such as earthquakes and faulting which cause land slides and soil creep.

Conditions Favouring Soil Erosion


Steep slope accelerate soil erosion while gentle slopes experience less erosion.

Places with rugged terrain experience gulley erosion.

Hilly and Steep areas experience rill and gulley erosion.

Soil Texture

Areas with fine textured soils such as volcanic ash are more vulnerable to erosion e.g. Nyambene Hills
around Karama and Muthara.


Erratic and heavy rains cause splash, rill and sheet erosion.

Intense heating by the sun causes loosening of soil particles.

Low rainfall and high temperature leads to scanty or no vegetation which forms protective cover on the

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