Marketing of Tea in Kenya

Marketing of Tea in Kenya

Some tea is consumed locally and a huge amount is sold on the international market.

Major marketer is K.T.D.A.

Functions of KTDA

  • Collection of tea from buying centers.
  • Processing of tea.
  • Providing farmers with inputs such as fertiliser.
  • Sensitizes farmers on high-quality production of tea.

  • Facilitates the sale of tea at the best possible prices.
  • Ensures prompt collection of payment from all tea buyers.
  • Promotion of tea with the aim of expanding market share.

Outlets through Which KTDA Markets Tea

  • Factory door sale of tea in polythene bags to farmers accounting for 3% of sales.
  • Through Mombasa auction where it exported to other countries such as Britain, France Afghanistan. It accounts for 75% of sales.
  • Dealing directly with interested buyers which accounts for 15% of sales.

KETEPA is the largest tea packing company in Africa belonging to tea growers grades, blends, and packs

some of the tea then sells to the local market and exports superior qualities.

Other companies which pack tea for local sale include Kikuyu Highland Tea Company and Unilever Kenya (Home Cup).


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