Geothermal Power Projects in Kenya

Geothermal Power Projects in Kenya

Geothermal electricity is generated in areas that experience Vulcanicity where:

Geothermal Power Projects in Kenya
  • Magma or hot rocks come into contact with percolating water.
  • The water is heated beyond its boiling point (superheated).
  • The steam escapes through cracks and holes to the surface
  • The steam is harnessed using pipes and used to turn turbines that drive electric generators.

In Kenya areas with the greatest potential for geothermal power are found within the Rift Valley from L. Magadi to L. Turkana on the Kenya-Ethiopia border.

Geothermal power generation is carried out at Olkaria to the south of Naivasha.

It accounts for 10% of the country’s power needs.
Other potential areas are:

  • Lake Bogoria has the highest potential with numerous hot springs and geysers by its shores.
  • Eburu to the north of L. Naivasha
  • Menengai crater region
  • Areas around L. Baringo
  • Magadi
  • South of L.Turkana.
  • Between mountains Longonot and Suswa


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