Characteristics and advantages of Mixed Farming

Mixed farming is the growing of crops and rearing animals on the same farm.

The following are Characteristics of mixed farming

  • Crops are grown and animals reared on the same farm.
  • A portion of land is reserved for animal pasture.
  • Farms are moderate in size.
  • Crop residue is used for fodder.
  • Manure from animals is used to fertilize the soil.

Advantages of mixed farming

  • When a crop fails or prices fluctuate the farmer can depend on livestock and vice versa.
  • The farmer gets income continually.
  • Income is larger.
  • The farmer is busy throughout the year.
  • Using crop residue as fodder saves money for buying it.
  • Using manure from animals ensures sustained crop production and also saves money that would be used to buy manure

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