Advantages and disadvantages of wood fuel

Advantages and disadvantages of wood fuel

Firewood, charcoal, and sawdust are used for cooking and heating.
It can be exhausted if it’s cut at a higher rate than it is being replaced. so it requires management if it has to be sustained.

Advantages of Woodfuel

  • It’s a cheap source of energy.
  • Available almost throughout the world.
  • No maintenance cost is needed.
  • Ashes from burned firewood can be used for plastering houses and as a
  • fertilizer.

The disadvantage of wood fuel

  • Dirty because when burning it gives off smoke and soot.
  • Pollutes environment through the gases it emits.
  • Requires a big storage area.
  • Its overexploitation leads to deforestation leading to problems of soil erosion,
  • global warming, and shortage of water.


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