Advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power

Advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric power

Hydro/Water-power is the Power obtained from falling water. it is the Most widely used renewable source of energy.
it is Used to generate electricity (HEP) when falling water is directed to turn turbines connected to generators to produce electricity.

Advantages of hydroelectric power

  • It doesn’t pollute the environment.
  • It’s inexhaustible.
  • Hydroelectric power can be transmitted over long distances using cables.
  • Dams for HEP generation create lakes that can be used for recreation, irrigation, and fishing.
  • HEP can be used for many purposes e.g. transport, cooking, etc.
  • It’s reliable because significant levels of energy are produced.

Disadvantages of hydroelectric power

  • Affected by the fluctuation of water levels in reservoirs.
  • The construction of HEP generation dams displaces many people.
  • It causes inconvenience to migratory species of fish.
  • The cost of constructing and running hydro-power plants is high.
  • Dams may break and destroy a lot of property and lives downstream.
  • Not available throughout the world.


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