Factors Influencing Wind Transportation and Deposition

The following are Factors Influencing Wind Transportation and Deposition:

  • Wind velocity: when speed decreases strength also decreases and its ability to transport so wind starts to deposit materials.
  • Wind direction- Winds blowing from different directions converge and cause the load to collide causing some of it to be deposited.
  • Nature of desert surface:


  1. Wind transportation is more efficient on bare surfaces and hence less deposition there.
  2. Water surfaces such as oases and moist surfaces impede transportation through friction causing the wind to deposit materials.
  3. Less transportation on surfaces with vegetation it reduces wind speed and also binds sand particles together.
  4. Obstacles-Objects such as rock masses, landforms, and vegetation block and reduce wind speed causing deposition.

  1. Changes in weather conditions such as sudden showers halt transportation and cause deposition by washing down suspended materials.
  2. Load- Heavy load is deposited before light load when wind energy decreases. When many materials are transported by the wind they collide causing each other to be deposited.

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