Problems facing transport in less developed countries

Problems facing transport sector in less developed countries

The following Problems facing transport in LDCs:

  • Competition with other transport means like water, railway limiting on the effective use of roads.
  • Presence of thick forests making the construction of roads very difficult.
  • Presence of rugged relief especially steep slopes making the construction of transport routes like roads very difficult and costly.
  • Limited capital for the development of better roads thus making transport on roads very difficult and costly or to develop transport routes and facilities.
  • Limited government support in form of loans and poor road policies like high taxes on fuel making it expensive.
  • High costs of maintenance and rehabilitation hence causing potholes and delays on roads.

  • Corruption and embezzlement hence most of the roads are stolen hence delays in construction of better roads.
  • Low level of technology used leading to the construction of poor infrastructure that is weak hence leading to easy development of portholes.
  • Countries are too big to be effectively served by road and railway network.
  • Most LDCs experience an equatorial type of climate with heavy rainfall washing away vital sections and railway lines and making roads too muddy to be used/
  • The presence of waterfalls and rapids along with river courses and their tributaries thus making river transport difficult.

  • Transshipment is costly due to costs incurred in loading and offloading from railway to water and vice versa.
  • Problems resulting from transshipment such as delays and damage to the goods.
  • Dependence on other countries for import and export of goods e.g. goods from Eastern Congo is largely imported and exported through Uganda and Kenya.
  • Poor planning of transport services.
  • Political instability caused by civil wars.