Problems faced in equatorial regions

Problems faced in equatorial regions

Problems faced in equatorial regions

  • Rampant occurrence of pests and diseases which attack man, livestock, crops and this has scared away settlements leading to low development rates.
  • Heavy rainfall received throughout the year and the existence of the densely forested regions has made the establishment of a transport network very difficult.
  • The region with its dense forests has made it difficult to exploit such areas leading to remoteness.

  • The equatorial forests are commonly inhabited by robbers, and this has constrained any attempts to the development of the region.
  • The heavy rainfall received throughout the year has caused a danger of erosion especially in areas where agriculture is practiced.
  • Heavy rainfall may also lead to flooding which destroys people’s lives and property.
  • Leaching of the soils due to heavy rains and erosion has also led to serious loss of soil fertility.
  • High rate of weed growth hence increasing costs of farming and clearance of land.

Steps taken to improve conditions in equatorial regions

  • Establishment of transport and communication networks such as roads to reduce remoteness.
  • Ensure political stability by talking peace with the respective rebel groups so as to allow development to take place in the affected areas.
  • Practice modern methods of agriculture such as application of both organic and in-organic fertilizers to check on the rate of soil fertility loss.
  • Setting up processing and manufacturing industries to take up products from agriculture and forestry to minimize wastage.

  • Use of herbicides to control growth of weeds.
  • Market research so as to enable the farmers in the region to sell their agricultural produce.
  • Provision of capital in form of soft loans to enable different activities like agriculture and lumbering.
  • planting of trees to control soil erosion


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