Negative importance of coral reefs

Negative importance of coral reefs

A coral reef is a limestone rock which is made up of skeletons of small living organisms called polyps.

The formation of coral reefs is highly attributed to the presence of calcium carbonate in the skeletons of polyps.

When the polyps die, their skeletons which contain calcium carbonate are compacted together to form a coral rock.

In East Africa, they are only found along the East African coast.

negative importance of coral reefs

The following are the Negative importance of coral reefs

  • Coral reefs break down into coral Wanda which are infertile soils hence can¬ít support agriculture.
  • Coral reefs can be an obstacle to navigation because sharp rocks at the sea bottom can cause boats and ships to capsize.
  • Lagoons resulting from coral reef formation are breeding grounds for disease spreading vectors like mosquitoes.

  • Coral reefs damage fish nets by tearing them hence making losses for the fishermen.
  • Quarrying of limestone leads to land degradation.
  • Processing and mining of coal rocks produces dust which pollutes air.


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