Importance of suez canal

Importance of Suez canal

Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea covering a distance of 160 km.

It was constructed in 1969 by a French company.

It has a width of 62 km depth of 10 m it accommodates 20,000 ships, 80,000 tonnes in a year and it is used by European countries, Middle East countries for handling exports and imports.

Importance of Suez Canal

  • Promotion of trade by exports, imports, passengers for Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.
  • Promotion of transport and reducing transport costs for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Source of government revenue by taxing people and companies like custom duties and at ports like port Said, Alexandria.

  • Growth of urban centres because of population increase and industries activities like port Said and port Alexandria.
  • Development of the tourism industry like in Sinai peninsular, Persian Gulf, construction work, and because of increased income like Mt. Olive.
  • Resource exploitation like mining of oil, iron ore around the Red Sea, Persian Gulf (Sinai Peninsula)
  • Employment opportunities like in the transport sector, industrial activities, trade, mining activities leading to increased standards of living.
  • Land reclamation by promoting irrigation in the dry area and controlling floods, pests, and diseases attracting people for settlement and agriculture.

  • Source of water for domestic, industrial purposes, irrigation, and for dumping wastes and sewage e.g. ports Sayyid.
  • Education and research because of landforms, construction work leading to better skills and technology.
  • Environmental protection by providing habitats for plant species and animal species through climate modification in the surrounding areas.
  • International relations and regional corporation between Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • Economic diversification influencing other economic activities like trade, mining reducing the dependency burden
  • Development of industries e.g. shipbuilding, oil refining.


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