Importance of rotterdam port

Importance of rotterdam port

A port is an area at the coast handling imports, exports, passengers connecting the interior the coast and other countries.

Rotterdam’s port is found in the Netherlands. Holland at the North Sea and mouth of R. Rhine.

It is called Euro port because it’s used in the month it is used by European countries in the Rhine lands like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.

It is called an eater port because of handles many ports and it serves the most productive industrialized and developed areas of Western Europe.

It was constructed by Holland with assistance from other European Union member countries.

Importance of Rotterdam port.

  • Employment opportunities leading to increased standards of living like traders in industries, transport sector.
  • Promotion of trade both internal and external around Rotterdam with countries like Germany, Switzerland.
  • International relations and regional corporations leading to international trade for Rhineland countries.
  • Source of revenue like custom duties, taxes, improving the national income, and capital accumulation.
  • Development of industries like oil refining, shipbuilding, and repairing because of the easy transportation of raw materials.
  • Promotion of education and research because of landforms, industries, economic activities.
  • Development of the tourism industry because of landforms, industries and increased incomes leading to entertainment activities.
  • Economic diversification by influencing other activities like resource exploitation like minerals, forests, fishing potentials.

  • Provision of areas for settlement and accommodation, offices because of buildings,
  • improvement in infrastructure like the construction of roads, railway, canals, airports.
  • Improvement in social services since it is a few like water supply, power supply leading to increased standards of living.
  • Source of foreign exchange because of customs duties, export trade, tourism helping in importation and investment.


Limited land for expansion as most of the land has been used up and this has necessitated reclamation which is costly.

Congestion at the port due to too much cargo being handled resulting in delays in the clearance and delivery of goods.

There is silting up of the port area and the river channel thereby reducing its depth. Therefore large going ocean vessels at times cannot dock and this calls for regular dredging which is costly.

High maintenance costs due to regular dredging and regular attacks from the North sea.

Shortage of housing apartments and other facilities and settlements leading to the growth of slums and other shanty settlements.

Sea attacks from the North sea especially during high tide leading to flooding of the port area and at times temporary closures. Occasional flooding by river Rhine especially during spring and summer when the glacial meltwater from the alps increases the volume of water and at times puts shipping activities at a standstill.

Pollution especially air, water, and noise pollution mainly from the high levels of industrialization in the port area. Noise is mainly due to increased port activities as well as high population.

High crime rates are due to the high levels of unemployment and also due to the high population.

Competition from other neighboring ports for example Antwerp in Belgium as well as Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Accidents are common at the port leading to the death of workers as well as the destruction of merchandise.

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