Factors for the development of Mombasa port

Factors for development of Mombasa port

A port is an area at the coast used for handling exports, imports, passengers connecting the coast to the interior and other countries.

Mombasa port is found at the coast of E. Africa, Indian Ocean. It is gazetted as an industrial area, port, and town.

It is situated on Kilindi harbor covering areas Bamburi, port and ferry, Fort Jesus, Mombasa central areas.

It serves countries like / Hinterland like counties, Uganda, Kenya, Northern Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern DRC, S. Sudan, S. Somalia for handling exports, imports, and passengers.

It is gazetted as a city with an increased population, improved infrastructure, social services, economic activities like industries.

Factors for the development of Mombasa port

  • Presence of natural harbours well sheltered from strong waves due to the presence of coal reefs, headlands making it good for navigation.
  • Hard basement rocks composed for coral reefs helping in the construction of buildings and coral reefs.
  • Water supply from the Indian Ocean used for domestic, industrial purposes and for dumping wastes and sewage.

  • Limited obstacles like coastal landforms, swampy vegetation making it easy and approachable.
  • Rich and productive hinterland i.e. many imports, exports, and passengers like from countries like Uganda (timber and coffee)
  • Political stability and security leading to an available investment climate and enough resources for its development.
  • Deep waters leading to easy movement of ships carrying exports, imports, passengers.

  • Flat and gentle slopes leading to easy construction, drainage, mechanization.
  • Positive and supportive government policies like gazetting land for its expansion, good management providing capital for its development.
  • Ice and forest free conditions because it is found in the tropics making it operational throughout the year.
  • Improved transport and communication like the construction of roads, railway lines, pipelines leading to easy connection and reducing congestion.
  • Strategic location at the coast of the Indian Ocean making it easy to connect with the interior of Africa, European countries, and Asia.
  • Extensive land for its expansion like for constructing industries, warehouses.
  • Presence of entrepreneurs and big companies providing capital and good management like Mombasa Port Authority.

  • Improved science and technology leading to the availability of skilled labour for its development.
  • Presence of historical sites like port Jesus attracting many people for tourism.
  • Presence of economic activities like Bamburi cement, oil refining, clearing shipping companies.
  • Adequate capital used for purchasing shipping equipment, paying workers.
  • Improved social services leading to increased standards of living like water and power supply like at Mombasa.

  • Good international relations with E. African countries, European countries and African countries.
  • Power supply by using oil, coal, solar energy thermo for domestic, industry and transport purposes.
  • Alternative land use because of limited land and resources for other activities.
  • Hospitality helping in attracting foreigners for settlement and economic activities.

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