Factors for growth and development of New York city

Factors for growth and development of new York city

NEW YORK CITY It is the largest city in the world found in the USA, North America, it is serving as a port, a town, and an industrial area. It is situated on Manhattan island and other surrounding islands like Staten, Brooklyn, Long, Richmond, Bronx, Queen’s on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Eastern side of USA near the Hudson River. It has a high population, many economic activities, improved infrastructure, social services and it is gazetted as a city e.g. Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Jacksonville, Orlando neighbouring countries.

Factors for the growth and development of NYC

  • Strategic location near the Atlantic Ocean making it good for navigation as a port.
  • Presence of hard basement rocks composed of granite quartz leading to easy construction of storage buildings and transport routes.
  • Flat and gentle slopes helping in construction, transport, and drainage.

  • Low tidal range because of weak waves reducing accidents and making it good for navigation.
  • Presence of natural harbours well sheltered from strong waves by the headland and having deep waters for big ships.
  • Approachable shoreline because of limited obstacles like coastal features, swampy vegetation leading to easy anchoring of ships.
  • Rich and productive hinterland because of having many exports, imports like wheat from Canada, industrial products from the Great lakes.
  • Presence of power supply by using oil, natural gas for domestic and industrial purposes attracting many people for settlement and economic activities.
  • Increased population density of over 10 million people providing enough labour, market for economic activities like industries.
  • Political stability and security attracting many people for settlement, economic activities by using the pentagon in their defence i.e FBI, CIA.

  • Improved social services like water and power supply, health facilities for increased standards of living like Columbia University.
  • Improved science and technology leading to the availability of skilled labour like engineers, technicians helping in constructing buildings, maintenance, rehabilitation.
  • Presence of economic activities like trade, tourism, industrialization, transport attracting dense population for investment and employment.
  • Improved transport and communication like the construction of roads, railway lines, canals, waterways, airports like Kennedy, New Ark, using internet services for communication purposes.
  • Presence of international bodies e.g. UN, government offices, embassies attracting many people for employment and investment.
  • Presence of entertainment centres, historical sites, cultural centres, museums for leisure and creation.
  • Good international relations and regional corporation with Germany, Britain, Japan, Canada leading to the development of trade.
  • Positive and supportive government policies like gazetting areas for expansion, social services, maintaining security, infrastructure.

  • Adequate capital provided by the government and private investors for financing developmental activities.
  • Frost free conditions making it operational throughout the year as a portion attracting a dense settlement.
  • Presence of water bodies providing water for domestic purposes like the Hudson River, Atlantic Ocean and also for dumping wastes and sewage.
  • Nature of people being hard-working, investing, good planners, enterprisers helping in exploiting resources, developing economic activities, social services and infrastructure.
  • Historical factors like early settlers from Europe, S. Africa, India who came to experience and skills like the Red Indians, Jews, Afro-Americans.


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