Effects of transport on the environment

The following Effects of transport on the environment

  • Pollution from vehicles emitting fumes and oil spills from ships into water bodies.
  • Smoke and smog have caused poor visibility.
  • Creation of barren lands where rocks have been excavated e.g. along river channels.
  • Increased temperatures/Global warming due to gas emissions.
  • Loss of bio-diversity i.e. migration of water animals and bird species due to pollution.
  • Destruction of forests and swamp reclamation to create land for roads and railways.
  • Displacement of many people because of the need to expand roads and railway lines.
  • Encroachment on land for other land uses like fishing, forestry, and agriculture.
  • Destruction of the scenic beauty of the landscape by removing vegetation and rocks.

  • Land degradation e.g. through stone quarrying which leaves behind pits that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


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