Economic activities carried out in equatorial climate regions

The following Economic activities carried out in equatorial climate regions

  • Due to the existence of dense forests, wild life conservation has been made possible and this attracts tourists.

  • Equatorial climate has also favoured the existence of numerous water bodies giving rise to fishing activities.
  • The dense vegetation in equatorial regions harbours wild animals making hunting possible.
  • The dense forests due to heavy rainfall and hot temperatures experienced in that region have favored lumbering activities e.g. in Mabira forest.
  • Agriculture and forest products existing in equatorial region have made industrial growth possible.
  • Growing of perennial crops like coffee, palm oil, cocoa and tea due to heavy rainfall received throughout the year.

  • Charcoal burning due to existence of dense forest cover.
  • Food gathering e.g. passion fruits due to thick forests with fertile and dump grounds.


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