Dangers of over depending on the exportation of agricultural products and their solutions

The following are the dangers of over depending on the exportation of agricultural products

  • Price fluctuations on the world market cause unstable export earnings, hence reducing government earnings.
  • Agricultural products fetch low prices on the world market, which discourages farmers from growing crops for export.
  • Losses because of poor storage facilities, which reduce on the quality and quantity for export.

  • Agricultural products are seasonal and therefore can’t be relied on for a constant supply for export.
  • Most farmers are reluctant or have inadequate capital to adopt modern agricultural methods for export production.
  • Most agricultural areas are inaccessible which limits quick delivery for exportation.
Dangers of over depending on the exportation of agricultural products
  • Agricultural products are prone to climatic hazards e.g. hailstorms and long drought cause fluctuation of products for export.

  • Pests attack the crops leading to a reduction in quantity for export which reduces foreign exchange earnings.
  • Disease outbreaks also attack the crops leading to poor quality output which reduces market demand.
  • They are perishable and therefore require air transport which is expensive to transport to foreign markets for export.
  • Agricultural products are bulky and therefore difficult to handle for export.

Steps taken to solve the problems of overdependence on agricultural products for exportation

  • Widening the export market base by investing in market research and creation of new trade partners.
  • Reviving co-operative societies to improve on marketing of agricultural products for export.

  • Encouraging scientific research to improve on the quality and quantity of agricultural exports.
  • Improving handling and packaging of perishable agricultural export crops through reviving marketing boards and co-operatives.
  • Using pesticides and herbicides to control pests and diseases to improve on quality and quantity of export crops
  • Encouraging the government to promote economic diversification to offer an alternative to the agro-based economy.
  • Liberalization of the economy to encourage private investment in the economy to foster economic development.

  • Diversification of the export sector and encourage exportation of other commodities e.g. timber, fish and minerals.
  • Developing export promotion industries to export manufactured goods with high market demand.
  • Promotion of tourism as an invisible export to bring in more foreign exchange for national development.
  • Promotion of exportation of services e.g. banking, transport, labour, education to widen tax base for government.
  • Educating and sensitizing the masses about the dangers of over-reliance on agriculture and offer alternatives for survival.

  • Exporting art and craft products to offer an alternative export item.


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