Reasons Why Nomadism has persisted

Reasons why nomadism have persisted around the world

Why Nomadism has persisted

  • Areas occupied by nomads are sparsely populated hence providing enough land for communal grazing.
  • The areas are remote and located far away from centers of modernity leading to sparse population.
  • The areas receive low and unreliable rainfall which can’t support crops but can sustain pastoralism.
  • Governments have deliberately ignored development in pastoral areas hence leaving them in their ways of life.
  • The infertile sandy soils in these areas discourage crop growing but can support growth of pastures hence pastoralism.
  • Cultural rigidity of the nomads makes them argue that it is the best way to live their lives.

  • Low levels of education and ignorance has made nomads reject new methods of animal rearing.
  • Presence of short savanna vegetation/grass lands which is open and favours movement of pastoralists without much forest vegetation.
  • The gently sloping relief of the areas they occupy, makes it easy to move with their animals from one place to another


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