Problems facing the transport sector in East Africa

Problems facing the transport sector in East Africa

Problems facing the transport sector in East Africa

  • Inadequate capital to establish and improve the transport and communication networks.
  • Inadequate skilled manpower to help in the construction of transport and communication networks.
  • Low levels of technology used to construct transport and communication lines.
  • Steep relief in mountainous regions which makes it expensive to construct roads and railways.
  • Physical barriers e.g. rivers, forests and deserts make the construction of transport lines very difficult.
  • Harsh climatic conditions e.g. heavy rains lead to floods hence making roads impassable while mist and fog hinder air and water transport.
  • Political instability e.g. wars make road construction very difficult and also during the wars, roads and railway lines are destroyed.
  • Corruption and embezzlement of funds by ministry of transport and communication officials hence leading to poor roads.

  • Poor government policies whereby roads, waterways and airfields are only constructed in areas where prominent politicians come from and other areas are neglected.
  • Differences in political ideology whereby countries impose strict restrictions and deny easy access to sea ports by land locked countries e.g. Uganda.
  • Areas with clay soils have made road construction very difficult and expensive.
  • It’s very expensive to compensate people incase their land is to be taken by government to expand existing roads. 

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