Problems experienced by rice farmers in India

Problems facing rice farmers

The following are the problems which face rice farmers in India

  • Pests e.g. rice weevils destroy the stored rice leading to losses for the farmers.
  • Diseases e.g. rice blast attack the crop leading to poor quality output.
  • Loss of soil fertility due to the practice of monoculture.
  • The threat of snakes that attack and kill the farmers.

  • Weather failure such as drought leads to stunted growth of the crop.
  • Gazzetting of wetlands for ecological reasons e.g. tourism has reduced land for rice growing.
  • Water-borne diseases e.g. bilharzia and cholera attack the farmers hence reducing labour force.
  • Competition from other rice-producing countries e.g. Pakistan and Vietnam which reduces the market for local rice.

  • Poor transport facilities leading to markets, stores, and industries hence delaying deliveries for processing.
  • Inadequate capital for buying farm implements and fertilizers.
  • Poor storage and packaging facilities lead to attacks from pests e.g. rice weevils.
  • Birds are a common threat because they destroy rice fields leading to losses


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