measures taken to solve problems facing Mombasa port

Measures taken to solve problems facing Mombasa port

A port is an area at the coast used for handling exports, imports, passengers connecting the coast to the interior and other countries.
Mombasa a port is found at the coast of E. Africa, Indian Ocean.

It is gazetted as an industrial area, port, and town.

It is situated on Kilindi habour covering areas Bamburi, port and ferry, Fort Jesus, Mombasa central areas.

It serves countries like / Hinterland like counties, Uganda, Kenya, Northern Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern DRC, S. Sudan, S. Somalia for handling exports, imports, and passengers.

It is gazetted as a city with an increased population, improved infrastructure, social services, economic activities like industries.

Solutions to solve problems facing Mombasa port

  • Proper urban planning by gazetting areas for settlement and industries.
  • Vertical expansion by building stored houses minimizing space.
  • Improvement in social services for increased standards of living.
  • Population control using modern methods of family planning like pills and condoms.
  • Economic diversification reducing on dependence burden.
  • Environmental conservation by gazetting wetlands, national parks.

  • Proper waste management like treating, recycling.
  • Development projects in rural areas and better social services and infrastructure.
  • Modernization of transport like using highways, tunnels, flyovers, trains.
  • Acquisition of loans for income-generating projects.
  • Positive and supportive government policies like gazetting land, attracting investors, good management.
  • Privatization of urban services like garbage collection, street lights, cleaning.

  • Mass education and mobilization about urban management.
  • Improvement in security and political stability.


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