Measures being taken to manage and conserve the environment in Kenya

Measures to manage and conserve environment in kenya

Measures being taken to manage and conserve the environment in Kenya.

  • Setting up of NGOs and institutions that support environmental conservation efforts.
  • Carrying out public awareness of environmental issues through mass media and seminars.
  • The Government has enacted laws governing environmental management and conservation.
  • The Government has set up ministries and parastatals bodies to deal with various aspects of the environment e.g. the ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the National Environmental Management Authority (NEEMA).
  • Some factories are recycling waste materials like scrap metal paper and some type of plastics.
  • Rehabilitation of derelict land is being done e.g. planting trees.

  • People are being encouraged to plant trees and practice agroforestry.  
  • Research is being carried out on the various aspects of development and how such development affects the environment.
  • The Govt in a bid to protect water catchment areas has declared some forests on hills as forest reserves.
  • Clean up activities in urban centres are being encouraged.

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