Factors favoring the development of the fishing industry in East Africa

Factors favoring development of fishing industry in East Africa

 Factors favoring the development of the fishing industry in East Africa

  • Availability of enough fishing grounds such as Lake Victoria, Kyoga, Tanganyika, and the Indian Ocean.
  •  Availability of high-value fish species such as Tilapia and Nile perch with high market demand.
  • Introduction of better and effective fishing methods such as the use of gill nets.
  • Introduction of better fishing vessels such motorboats fitted with engines which are used for fishing.
  • Presence of abundant plankton (food for fish) has led to fish multiplication in large numbers.
  • Improved transport network linking fishing grounds to market centers.
  • Availability of ready market for fish which is both local and international e.g. fish processing industries, local people, and neighbouring D.R.C.

  • Indented nature of fishing grounds which are favourable for the development of fish landing sites e.g. Kasenyi and Majanji on Lake Victoria.
  • Introduction of fish corporations which teach better the fishermen new and modern fishing skills.
  • Political stability especially along Lake Victoria which has attracted foreign investors e.g. Japanese and Indians.
  • Availability of adequate capital for investment e.g. buying boats and engines.

  • Supportive government policy that encourages investment in fishing activities e.g. through market research and road construction.

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