Factors favoring the development of the fishing industry in East Africa

 Factors favoring the development of the fishing industry in East Africa

  • Availability of enough fishing grounds such as Lake Victoria, Kyoga, Tanganyika, and the Indian Ocean.
  •  Availability of high-value fish species such as Tilapia and Nile perch with high market demand.

  • Introduction of better and effective fishing methods such as the use of gill nets.
  • Introduction of better fishing vessels such motorboats fitted with engines which are used for fishing.
  • Presence of abundant plankton (food for fish) has led to fish multiplication in large numbers.
  • Improved transport network linking fishing grounds to market centers.
  • Availability of ready market for fish which is both local and international e.g. fish processing industries, local people, and neighbouring D.R.C.

  • Indented nature of fishing grounds which are favourable for the development of fish landing sites e.g. Kasenyi and Majanji on Lake Victoria.
  • Introduction of fish corporations which teach better the fishermen new and modern fishing skills.
  • Political stability especially along Lake Victoria which has attracted foreign investors e.g. Japanese and Indians.
  • Availability of adequate capital for investment e.g. buying boats and engines.

  • Supportive government policy that encourages investment in fishing activities e.g. through market research and road construction.

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