Effects of industrial development on the environment in East Africa

The following are Effects of industrial development on the environment in East Africa

  • Atmospheric pollution through industrial fumes and dust especially by the cigarette making, cement making, and textile industries.
  • Noise pollution by industrial machines.

  • Water pollution through the disposal of industrial wastes in water bodies e.g. Lake Victoria.
  • Encroachment on swamps distorts the water cycle because swamps help in filtering water.
  • Clearing of forests like at Namanve and Mabira for industrial space which leads to desertification.
  • Destruction of habitat for wild animals and birds through deforestation and swamp reclamation.
  • Led to an increase in the value of land which has limited land for expansion of settlements.

  • Development of slums with their associated evils like prostitution e.g. in Kibera near Nairobi and Katwe near Kampala.
  • The construction of many buildings and tarmac roads has led to increasing in world temperatures which leads to global warming.
  • They have promoted rural-urban migration which has reduced food production in villages leading to food insecurity.

  • Industrial fumes have led to the formation of acid rains near towns which dont support crop growing.
  • Through deforestation, rainfall totals have greatly reduced which has led to long dry spells and drought.


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