Conditions for growth of rice

Conditions favoring rice farming

Rice in Uganda, it’s grown in Pallisa, Namutumba, Bugiri, Manafwa, and Iganga in eastern Uganda.

Upland rice does not require a lot of water and so it’s grown in Wakiso, Kayunga, and Mukono districts.

It’s also grown at the Kibimba rice scheme, Doho rice scheme, and Olwenyi rice scheme near Lake Kyoga.

In Kenya, it’s grown in the Nyanza Province e.g. Bungoma and near Mumias in western Kenya.

Rice growing is also supervised on irrigation schemes e.g. Mwea-Tebere, Ahero, and also grown by peasants on the banks of the River Tana.

In Tanzania, rice is grown at the Kilombero irrigation scheme, southern shores of Lake Victoria e.g. at Bukoba, southern shores of Lake Malawi, along river banks e.g. river Rufiji, river Pangani and river Wami.

Conditions for growth of rice

  • Heavy rainfall of about 1500 mm per annum needed during the planting season for proper growth.
  • Flooded conditions with a soil depth of over 25 m and the water should not be always stagnant.
  • Hot temperatures of over 20 °C especially during the planting and harvesting season.
  • Heavy clay-loamy soils with high moisture and water retention capacity.
  • Fertilizers particularly nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to ensure soil fertility due to monoculture.

  • Level ground surface to easily allow flooding during the growing period. It grows so well in deltas.
  • Requires a lot of cheap labour to cultivate and harvest the crop.
  • High capital investment to buy fertilizers, land, and farm equipment e.g. combined harvesters.
  • Proper storage facilities should be availed to reduce destruction by pests e.g. rice weevils.
  • Extensive landscape because the crop can’t be grown alongside other crops.

  • Well-developed transport routes linking to stores and industries because the crop is grown in swampy areas.

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