Conditions for tea growing

Conditions for tea farming

TEA Is obtained by plucking, drying and curing the young leaves of the shrub tree.

In Kenya, it’s grown around Kericho and Limuru.

In Tanzania, it’s grown around Iringa and Mbeya, Southern highlands and on slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

In Uganda, it Is grown around Lake Victoria regions in Lugazi at Kasaku Tea estates, Mityana, Bushenyi, Fort Portal and Kigezi.

Harvesting takes about 3-4years after planting. 

Conditions for tea growth

  • Warm but not exceedingly hot climate for proper maturity of the crop.
  • Fairly heavy rainfall of about 1500 m which is well distributed over the growing period.

  • Deep, acidic and well drained fertile alluvial Soil for the growing of the crop.
  • Protection from strong winds by practicing agroforestry.
  • Alternate spraying to control pests and diseases e.g. leaf rust.
  • Cheap and abundant labour needed especially during the harvesting season.
  • Adequate capital needed for buying fertilizers, pesticides and farm implements.

  • Careful pruning and regular hoeing to kill weeds.
  • Availability of ready market both local and international to buy the crop.

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