Causes of high population density

Causes of high population density

POPULATION DENSITY refers to the number of people living in an area per square km. In East Africa, some places have got high population density while others have got low population density.

Causes of high population density (why some areas have high population e.g. Shores of Lake Victoria, Kabale, Mbale and along the coast)

  • Hot and wet climatic conditions that favour the growth of various crops to support high population e.g. shores of Lake Victoria.
  • The presence of deep and well-drained fertile soils that support farming also attract a large number of people e.g. Kabale and Mbale.
  • Availability of abundant supply water for both domestic and commercial use e.g. Kampala and Nairobi.
  • Presence of many industries that attract a large labour force e.g. in Jinja and Dar-es-salaam.
  • Availability of a variety of minerals such as Diamonds in Shinyanga and limestone in Tororo.
  • Urbanization attracts many migrants into large cities for social amenities e.g. in Dodoma, Kampala, and Mombasa.
  • Easy accessibility due to well-developed transport and communication net work for easy movement.

  • Availability of a relatively flat landscape makes settlement and development of infrastructures relatively easy hence attracting large settlements.

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