Benefits of the kilombero valley irrigation scheme

KILOMBERO VALLEY IRRIGATION SCHEME started in 1960 and it became a government parastatal called Sugar Development co-operation in 1968.

Today, it employs over 46,000 workers and it contributes 40% of the total sugar production in Tanzania.

It has mainly encouraged the development of out-growers’ schemes.


  • It has provided employment opportunities for the Tanzanian population hence improving their standards of living.
  • It has led to the development of roads and railways e.g. the extension of Tanzam-Tazara railway which has made transport easier.
  • It has diversified the agricultural activities within the area which helps to fight food insecurity.
  • It has put idle land into good use hence ensuring resource utilisation and reducing resource wastage.

  • Sugar is exported and this brings in foreign exchange used for developing infrastructures e.g. roads.
  • International relationship has been created between Tanzania and other countries e.g. Zambia leading to peaceful co-existence.
  • It is a source of government revenue through taxation which is used for developing infrastructures e.g. hospitals.
  • Source of sugar which is a vital commodity for the people in the area.
  • It has helped to control the diverse effects of flooding in the area hence reducing on destruction of property.

  • Infrastructure has been developed e.g. roads, schools, hospitals and markets leading to urbanisation e.g. Kidatu, Ifakara and Kilosa towns.
  • Has led to development of research in sugarcane varieties hence boosting people’s knowledge.
  • It has led to establishment of processing industries which have provided employment opportunities to the people in the area.
  • The scheme has helped resettle people who were formerly landless and jobless hence reducing on land wrangles and crime in the area.


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