Benefits of industrial development

The following are the benefits of industrial development:

  • Created employment opportunities to workers hence improving their standards of living e.g. engineers.
  • Provided cheap manufactured goods which are essential to the people e.g. furniture, cement and plastics.
  • Industries are a source of government revenue through taxation used for the development of infrastructures e.g. roads.
  • Industrial goods are exported to earn government foreign exchange used for national development, e.g. setting up hospitals.
  • Facilitates the development of infrastructures like roads, schools, and hospitals which provide social services to the people, e.g. education and health.
  • Industries lead to economic diversification for an increased income inflow for the government and reduce dependence on agriculture.

  • Industries lead to the exploitation of natural resources like agriculture and minerals, which leads to self-sufficiency.
  • Industries promote the international relationships between East Africa and its trade partners, which promotes world peace.
  • Infrastructures developed in industrial cities have led to the growth of urban centers e.g. Kampala, Nairobi, and Dar-es-salaam.
  • Industries have stimulated agricultural development by providing a market for farm raw materials e.g. milk, wheat, cotton, and tea.
  • Industries are used as research and study centers for students on fieldwork which widens the scope of knowledge.

  • People have acquired skills through job training in industries which they use for survival, e.g. operating machines.

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