Aim of the construction of aswan high dam

Aim of the construction of Aswan high dam

Aswan high dam project is found in Egypt near the country’s border with Sudan, and it is one of the biggest multi-purpose river projects in Africa, together with lake Nasser, the man-made lake behind the dam.

There are two dams at Aswan and both have power stations.

The first dam was constructed in 1902 at Aswan to confront flooding.

This was totally inadequate and in 1956 a new dam was set up south of Aswan called the Aswan high dam.

The Aswan high dam was completed in 1970. It is 3600m long and 111m high.

At the top it is 40m wide and at its base, it is almost a km wide. Behind the dam is lake Nesser (500km long nearly 150km into Sudan.

The following are the aims of the construction of the Aswan high dam:

  • To control the flooding along the Nile river (therefore when the original dam was inadequate a new dam was put up)

  • To create employment for the people
  • To improve navigation by increasing the water level of the Nile river
  • to generate hydroelectric power
  • To create a reservoir for water supply for domestic and industrial use
  • to provide water for irrigation (since Egypt is largely a desert country)

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