9 uses of coffee

9 uses of coffee

Coffee: This is the chief exchange earner crop of Uganda but Kenya is the biggest producer in East Africa. There are two types of coffee;

Arabica coffee is mainly grown on the slopes of mountain Elgon, Rukungiri, Kabarole, Kabale, Aberdare ranges, Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro slopes, Mt. Usambara, and Mt. Meru near Arusha and Moshi.

Robusta coffee is mainly grown along the Lake Victoria basin covering districts like Mukono, Mityana, Masaka, and Rakai in Uganda. It’s also grown in Bushenyi, Nebbi, Kapchorwa, Masindi, Hoima, Busia, and Fort Portal. In Tanzania, it’s grown around Bukoba and in the southern highlands.

The following are Uses of coffee

  • Used as a beverage for drinking after processing.
  • Coffee husks are a good source of manure used to improve soil fertility.
  • Coffee husks and wood are used as fuel for cooking in rural areas.
  • Coffee husks are also used as litter in poultry shelters.
  • Coffee stems are used as building materials e.g. in mud houses.

  • Used as a herbal medicine especially in Buganda and Bunyoro.
  • Coffee is also used in the manufacture of gunpowder for making bullets

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